Take Back Your Side With a Split King

Learn how a king-sized bed made of two separate mattresses can personalize your sleep experience.


Take Back Your Side With a Split King

Learn how a king-sized bed made of two separate mattresses can personalize your sleep experience.

What is a Split King?

A king-sized bed made of two Twin Long mattresses allowing you to share your bed without compromising your individual sleep preferences.

Why Switch to a Split King?

Personalized Feels

Mix and match the same or different feels to get a personalized sleep space for your best night's sleep.

Infinite Adjustability

Add an adjustable base for ultimate comfort and enjoy nearly unlimited head and foot positions.

Share a Bed
Not Your Mattress

Side One

  • Soft
  • Med
  • Firm

Side Two

  • Soft
  • Med
  • Firm
Split King Mattress Base Shared

Take Your Sleep to the Next Level with an Adjustable Smart Base

Responds to snoring, automatically.^ Plus, enjoy a customized space to yourself. Sleep on your side while your partner sits up to read. Watch TV or work in bed in complete comfort. Raise your legs to help increase blood flow. Or, just relax and enjoy a personal massage.

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^Bed raises once approximately 12 degrees in response to snoring. This may help reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who snore due to body positioning.

Tempur-Pedic's Adjustable Base Options:

Extend Smart Base

Our most elite power base, offering advanced technologies like automatic snore detection and response,^ personalized sleep insights, and PerfectSeat™ technology.

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Ergo® Smart Base

A fully integrated sleep system that provides customized sleep coaching tips plus features that include automatic snore detection and response.^

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Ergo® Power Base

An essential part of any sleep system with premium technologies like QuietMode™, USB ports, and underbed lighting.

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EASE® Power Base

A classic power base with nearly unlimited ergonomic head and foot positions and presets.

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Adjustable Base

Premium Features

Massage Zones

Intensify your mattress massage with up to four massage zones – two at the head and two at the feet — and three levels of intensity.

Auto Snore Response

The TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base senses snoring and automatically adjusts your head to a position that may reduce snoring.^

Sleep Coaching

Prepare for truly transformative sleep with personalized analytics that provide you with smarter sleep strategies, night after night.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We use an in-home delivery service to deliver these products. Once you place your order, they will call you to schedule your delivery. Delivery is typically within 7 business days from the day you placed your order, with metro areas usually faster than rural areas. When they deliver your new bed, they will set it up in your bedroom and remove the packing materials. They will even remove your old mattress and box spring, unless you ask them not to.


    The mattress does not come with a base or foundation, but you can purchase either one to support your mattress. Box springs cannot be used with our mattresses, and will void the warranty. You can also place the mattress into your bed frame, provided the bed is structurally sound, and has either a flat surface or slats that are at least 3" wide and no more than 4" apart.


    While your mattress does come with a cover, it is not a waterproof protector for the mattress. We recommend purchasing a mattress protector that will keep your mattress safe from liquids, humidity, mites, and anything else that might harm the mattress material.


    Any brand of sheets will work for our mattresses, but ours will be best. The corners of our fitted sheet will have patented straps to keep the sheet tightly and neatly in place, resulting in less wrinkles and less re-adjusting.

    Got a topper? Choose our 16" pocket.

  • 1,000 lbs!

  • All of our models are designed to provide proper support. Whether you choose firm, medium, or soft is a personal comfort preference. The softer models allow you to sink into them further before you are cradled by the support layer. Back sleepers tend to prefer a firmer mattress, while side and stomach sleepers tend to choose a medium to soft mattress. We strongly suggest visiting a local retailer before making your final decision in terms of feel.

It's Easy — Discover How To Take Back Your Side

Configure your Split King bed using the steps below:

Select Side 1

Add a Twin Long mattress to cart.

Select Side 2

Add a Twin Long mattress to cart.
Pair your mattresses with a Split King Adjustable Base, and you're on your way to life-changing sleep. Shop Now >

Choose 2 mattresses of equal heights:

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