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Spring Into a Healthier Future on World Sleep Day

— by Tempur-Pedic on Mar 12, 2021

The 2021 World Sleep Day theme is Regular Sleep, Healthy Future — and we couldn’t agree more. Celebrate World Sleep Day with information to help you achieve your best night’s sleep all year long.

What is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day is an annual, worldwide initiative focused on spreading awareness for the importance of sleep health and the many burdens of sleep problems. Co-chaired by Dr. Lourdes DelRosso, Associate Sleep Medicine Fellowship Director at the University of Washington, and Dr. Fang Han, Director of The Sleep Center at Peking University People’s Hospital, WSD is an international event that brings researchers, health professionals, and patients together to recognize the power and impact of sleep on our health. World Sleep Society members have dedicated their careers to researching the science behind sleep and helping sleepers across the globe get the rejuvenating rest they need. They delegate work locally to educate the public by hosting special events, translating and distributing educational materials, and more.

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Why is consistent, rejuvenating sleep so important?

Lack of sleep can impact the processing of emotional information and memories — meaning, if you’re forgetful, it could be because you’re losing valuable sleep. If you’re wondering how to get rejuvenating, restorative sleep, here are the three elements^ of good sleep to help you feel rested and alert the following day:

  • Duration: Ideally, 7-9 hours of sleep per night^^
  • Continuity: Sleeping soundly through the night without waking
  • Depth: Deep enough to be restorative and rejuvenating

How does Tempur-Pedic® help?

At Tempur-Pedic, we’re always striving to improve — from your overall sleep quality to our impact on the planet. TEMPUR-Material's™ open cellular structure isolates motion transfer and reduces tossing and turning by immediately and precisely adapting to your weight, shape, and temperature. Your body heat causes the material to soften, continuously conforming to your shape as you sleep through the night so you can feel more comfortable throughout the night.

Helping sleepers around the world goes further than creating the products needed to find your best night’s rest. We understand that many people struggle to prioritize sleep due to unforeseen circumstances, which is why we’re always looking to give back to our communities. In the last 10 years, Tempur-Pedic has donated more than $100 million in mattresses to military personnel, first responders, disaster relief efforts and more. And, while giving back to our community is near to our hearts, so is giving back to our planet. In 2020, we sourced 100% renewable energy for our US and European manufacturing operations. We're also dedicated to achieving zero-landfill waste for these facilities by the end of 2022 and carbon neutrality for our global operations by 2040.

Sleep is crucial to our overall health, and unfortunately, many people experience issues with their sleep that can impact daily life. Sleep problems threaten health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population, but the good news is most sleep disorders are preventable or treatable if sufferers seek professional help.^ This year’s World Sleep Day falls on March 19 after a tiring week of adjusting to the Daylight Saving time change. It’s a timely reminder to prioritize good quality sleep, so you can feel and function at your best.

Join us in celebrating healthy sleep on World Sleep Day and every day!

Show us how you're celebrating World Sleep Day on social media using #WorldSleepDay and use #TempurLove to share how you find your best night’s sleep.

^See more: World Sleep Day

^^See more: Sleep Foundation.

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